Thursday, October 21, 2010

Being scared, but remaining faithful

Well...I wanted to give you an update on my status. I'm still looking for a job. I had two phone interviews yesterday (10/19). The first one seemed to go well, but I feel I didn't do well with the question on how I prioritize my job assignments. The second over the phone interviewer felt that I didn't have enough experience, but she stated that I should continue to look at their website for jobs. I sent them both thank you letters, and I added a sample of my work to the first person I interviewed with. I really want that job, and I hope that they will call me in for a second interview.

I have to admit that I'm scared. Winter is just around the corner, and I'm not sure how I will heat my house. You cannot live without heat in my state, because it can get so cold that your pipes will burst.

My mother and I continue to pray in agreement. Praise the Lord...God will provide.

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